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The Best Agency for Today's Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Welcome, and thank you for visiting Wise Choice Insurance Brokers. Running your own business can be rewarding and challenging all at the same time. Unfortunately, it also means you may have to wear many hats to keep your business running smoothly. Wise Choice Insurance Brokers know that today's healthcare laws can be overwhelming and confusing for self-employed people like yourself, especially business owners with several employees.




Wise Choice Insurance Brokers, Benefits Services is a turn-key, seamless, and simple administration approach that frees employers and self-employed from the stress, confusion, and headaches associated with mandated health, life, and retirement planning laws. We provide you with the resources, tools, and expertise to develop, implement and customize your IRS-compliant health plan while avoiding tax penalties.


With Wise Choice Insurance Brokers, you'll have a direct and immediate connection to a team of licensed professionals and benefit information specialists that deliver focused and confident customer service to Self-Employed,1099-Independent Contractors, and Business Owners with employees. Each group is manageable; we have agents nationwide ready and trained to help you today.


What is a Benefits Coordinator & Why You Need One?


* Keep you updated and compliant on the constant changes in healthcare laws, including       Medicare.

* NON-Government Health Plans that are 100% PPACA compliant-NO TAX PENALTIES!

* Help you avoid any unforeseen tax penalties.Penalties can be up to $3,000 per             employee!

* Help reduce high deductibles on group insurance plans.

* Offer financial wellness workshops for employees.

* Can tailor tax-free retirement income for you and your employees.

* Help you save money on your FICA taxes.

* Assist with your current benefits coordinator or human resource office employees. 


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